Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog index for Douglas Groothuis' "Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith"

It occurred to me that an index might be useful.  I will update this as I cover more chapters.  We are studying it in my apologetics group at church, using the study guides available at Apologetics315.

Part One:  Apologetic Preliminaries

Chapter One:  Introduction:  Hope, Despair and Knowing Reality

Chapter Two:  The Biblical Basis for Apologetics
Chapter Three:  Apologetic Method:  Evaluating Worldviews
Chapter Four:  The Christian Worldview
Chapter Five:  Distortions of the Christian Worldview--Or the God I Don't Believe In
Chapter Six:  Truth Defined and Defended
Chapter Seven:  Why Truth Matters Most:  Searching for Truth in Postmodern Times
Chapter Eight:  Faith, Risk and Rationality:  The Prudential Incentives to Christian Faith

Part Two:  The Case for Christian Theism

Chapter Nine:  In Defense of Theistic Arguments

Chapter Ten:  The Ontological Argument
Chapter Eleven:  Cosmological Arguments:  A Cause for the Cosmos
Chapter Twelve:  The Design Argument: Cosmic Fine-Tuning
Chapter Thirteen:  Origins, Design and Darwinism
Chapter Fourteen:  Evidence for Intelligent Design
Chapter Fifteen:  The Moral Argument
Chapter Sixteen:  The Argument from Religious Experience
Chapter Seventeen:  The Uniqueness of Humanity
Chapter Eighteen:  Deposed Royalty:  Pascal's Anthropological Argument
Chapter Nineteen: Jesus of Nazareth (with some Strobel)
Chapter Twenty: The Claims, Credentials and Achievements of Jesus Christ
Chapter Twenty One: Defending the Incarnation
Chapter Twenty Two: The Resurrection of Jesus
Chapter Twenty Three: Religious Pluralism: Many Religions, One Truth
Chapter Twenty Four: The Challenge of Islam
Chapter Twenty Five: The Problem of Evil: Dead Ends and the Christian Answer

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